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ThaneMOD Launches

The day has arrived, and users are now able to download the ThaneMOD from nexusmods , and moddb . *Remember: the Installation Guide included with all packages is your friend.* ;) There is yet one more surprise....Ottemis, one of the original creators of the Thane inspired Hoodie, has graciously extended her Texture library by creating brand new (and exclusive for the ThaneMOD) Thane-centric HR Hoodies. These are available for BOTH genders. Currently they are being offered through the nexusmod site, along side of the ThaneMOD. We will eventually include them directly with the "packages", in our next version release. Thank you for this wonderful addition.


Over the past 10 months, the ThaneMOD team has had Eurekas! and set backs. We have seen some people go, and newcomers take up the slack. Back in summer, we even wondered if we would ever get this mod fully realized. Thankfully @giftfish/n7Siha/n7petiole took it upon herself to learn the trade of the modding tools. This was the boon that was needed to finally finish this mod. Long in tooth it may have been, and brunt from many hours, days, weeks, and months, but not a minute of it without heart felt gratitude from those patiently waiting to see their favorite drell get a second chance. Even if N7Siha didn't see or hear the appreciation, it was there.

The Official ThaneMOD Website has the Acknowledgement & Credit page (which I highly recommend you take a moment to look at, when time allows), and it does a very fine job of detailing what different people did for the ThaneMOD. However, I personally want to express my thanks. My appreciation for the toil of those involved. For support and teamwork. Just like all of you, I wanted this mod. I really wanted this mod. So, forgive me for a bit of fanfair. I can be a bit of a sap at times, but....what the hell. It's my Journal Entry after all, right?

n7Siha/giftfish/n7petiole - (Why the bloody hell couldn't you have stuck with one username. LOL!) Without her precision coordinating, superb organization skills, and the "Balls to the walls!" attitude when getting down to brass taxes, this mod would have probably halted in its tracks back in summer. She ended up doing a large portion of the work herself. Others stepped in where they could, tried to help with research and support/feedback, but it was her industrious nature that completed the bulk of the leftover tasks. She deserves a grand round of applause, and if any of you make it over to the ThaneMOD forum (something I will continue to persist ;) ), you can thank her yourselves.

HJF4 - I cannot stress this enough....I don't think she knew how to use the word "no". She joined the team in its early days, and had the technical experience we were desparate for. Whenever one of us would ask, "Can this be done?", "Could you do this?". More often than not she would reply..."I think I can." "Sure." Or, "Let me see what I can do". She unfortunately left during summer, and I would be lying if I didn't say, it sadden us. It also gave us a wake up call that we really needed to be more proactive when it came to the modding stuff. She has been missed, and I hope, hope, hope all is well with her.

Emeraldfern - Her mind goes a mile a minute. She can speak technobabble more fluently than anyone I have ever worked with. Of course, I didn't understand half of what she spoke of, but was nonetheless impressed. Her interesting take on the mechanical details and artistic views, during this modding process, was wholy unique. A valued member, and a vibrant spirit. She has been inactive for the past month and half, and I wish her all the best. Hopefully, when time allows it, she will return to inspire and teach. I dare say, I learned a number of things from her very long and detailed posts. Well done, my friend.

JohnP - Still unsure if he would consider himself a member of what has practically become a "ladies club", but there is no denying that he produced something amazing for the mod. Not only did he literally add his brilliantly modded files that allow us to have Thane in the Memorial Scenes, for both the EC ending and MEHEM. But, he also stepped up to help us complete the bundled "packages". Even assisted in some of the testing. You could argue he fulfilled the archetype of the Shining Knight. It really was the final "hours" when he gallantly rode in, and gave us such keen aid. Such riches to add to the mod. What.....too much alliteration?

skipjack - One of our newest teammembers, but she stepped in without a hitch. Lending a hand to the conundrum that was the Installer Script, and enthusiastically offering her time and energy on setting up the tumblr site. Something a few of us were too intimidated to tackle *ahem* (points finger to self), and even with her hectic schedule she took on the responsibility. Much obliged!

mnomaha/shell - She makes us laugh, that dirty bird. Has brass balls, and isn't afraid to speak her mind. She reached out to BioWare's Dusty Everman, and helped bolster us when we definitely needed it. She preached our good work, and helped advertise via FaceBook and twitter (two things that both N7Siha and I are allergic really. You should see the "rash".). She is a confidante. Her support means more than she might realize. Chili dogs are on me, chica! <3

WarrantyVoider and Mr.Fob - I don't cram these two into one slot, because they are undeserving of their own "thank yous". On the contrary, it was them that actually helped birth this mod into being. Without WarrantyVoider's tool (ME3Explorer), this mod would. not. be. His tool singlehandedly made this mod even possible. Mr.Fob, who is one of the first prime examples of those utilizing ME3Explorer, is the one who agreed to help us get an ending for Thane. N7Siha brought the idea for the ThaneMOD to Mr.Fob, in the hopes of having him integrate Thane some way, into MEHEM (Mass Effect Happy Ending Mod - Mr.Fob's creation). That is truly the "creation story", for ThaneMOD. Thank you both. Thank you so much.

Throughout this process, we have had a number of testers, researchers, artists, and supporters. I would need a couple of pages to give each on of them their due. I hope they understand that I am not being dismissive by not writing more about them, but this does need to be wrapped up. I will however, give a brief thought or two. And I hope I haven't forgotten anyone....forgive this old fool, if I did. (Or spit and curse my name.....either works. ;) )

elliekrios (tester) - Passionate, steadfast, and warm.

elvie (tester) - Spirited, relentless, and loyal.

athenaisshepard (tester) - Tireless, true, and malleable.

AndromedaShepard (artist) - Adaptable and keen of eye.

Stilographium (researcher) - Assertive yet thoughtful.

Dineboo (forum supporter) - Commanding and empathetic.

brinx-II, Ottemis, quietonewisp, looneyspectre, mythlover20, JECW, LuckyThirteen, VickiOak - Thank you all!!

For those that read this....for reading all my ramblings, my deepest gratitude. Happy Gaming!


The long wait is over!

Your continued patience and unwavering enthusiasm, has endured. This Friday the ThaneMOD will be downloadable to the general public. It will be hosted on both nexusmods and moddb. Due to moddb's approval system, that site may not be greenlit till after the 31st. Should moddb not be readily available on the same day as the nexusmod site, we will keep you all apprised and announce as soon as the site approves us for hosting.

For some time, I have been posting on this journal entry, about revealing what all will be available in the ThaneMOD. For those that have read through the original post, and the updates that followed (and ventured to the main websites and other sister sites), you should have a general understanding of what we had hoped to achieve with this first version of the ThaneMOD. You will also notice that some things have changed, or not been completed yet. Without further ado, here is a breakdown of the ThaneMOD "packages", and what they offer. I will keep this relatively spoiler free (though it can not be entirely avoided), but if you wish to be truly surprised by what is available, I would suggest you stop reading now. ;)

ThaneMOD Packages

 (**Besides all the module components, each package also comes with the ThaneMOD Installation Guide, a special ThaneMOD version of Gibb editor, and a copy of ME3Explorer**)

v1.0A | Standard Core module for the ME3 Extended Cut
This is the simplest installation of ThaneMOD. Thane avoids the coup, and returns in the epilogue, similar to the other squadmates from Mass Effect 2. Suitable for a friend or romanced Shepard, but lack all story and game enhancements present in other packages.

v1.0B | Enhanced Core module for the ME3 Extended Cut, Emails War Assets & Codex, Friend Improvements, Huerta Music, Credit Music
Friend-centric installation of ThaneMOD. In addition to avoiding the coup, Thane’s illness is also treated in a lore-centric manner.

v1.0C | Enhanced Core module for the ME3 Extended Cut, Emails War Assets & Codex, Romance Improvements, Huerta Music, Credit Music
Romance-centric installation of ThaneMOD. In addition to avoiding the coup, Thane’s illness is also treated in a lore-centric manner. His romance is expanded and new story elements are added.

v1.0D |Enhanced Core module for the Mass Effect Happy Ending Mod, Emails War Assets & Codex Friend Improvements, Huerta Music, Credit Music
Identical to v1.0B, but explicitly for MEHEM compatibility. MEHEM credits music change is optional.

v1.0E | Enhanced Core module for the Mass Effect Happy Ending Mod, Emails War Assets & Codex, Romance Improvements, Huerta Music, Credit Music
Identical to v1.0C, but explicitly for MEHEM compatibility. MEHEM credits music change is optional.

v1.0F | All Modules (full manual installation)

This contains all the modules. **Please note that this particular installation is best used by those that are familiar with using ME3Explorer, and are generally comfortable with modding their games. Some files are mutually exclusive, or require another module to be installed, in order to work properly. Be sure to consider this information, and read the Installation Guide, to ensure that there are no conflicts upon installation.**

Core Module

This is the main module for the ThaneMOD. The main purpose of this module, is Thane's avoidance of the Coup during Priority: Citadel II. This module is required for some other modules to work correctly. All packages contain this core module. Only version v1.0F (all modules), will not "mandate" its use. However, as stated above, if you wish to use certain other modules, they may be dependent on the use of this module.

Relationship Improvements

v1.0B-E have "relationship improvements" added to the "core" module. Depending on whether you choose to play with a friend Shepard, or a Shepard who romances Thane, new dialogue changes to the Huerta Hospital conversation will be observed.

The majority of changes come from the "romance" version of these improvements. This includes a "lock-in" mechanism after the make-out scene with Thane and Shepard, similar to other LI's. The Kaidan love triangle takes a backseat to Thane and Shepard reuniting, if your Shepard had romanced Kaidan in ME1 and Thane in ME2. The "auto-flirting" between James and Shepard has also been removed. Shepard can still allow James to call her "Lola", but the overt flirtations are removed.

The "Kiss" scene will now be repeatable (as will the dialogue when sitting with Thane). This make-out scene includes new dialogue changes.

Romancers will also have the Cabin Photo Mod for ThaneMOD. This is a modified version of Mimitochan's original "Cabin Photo Mod". Users who are playing the mod with the romance improvements, will need to follow the Installation Guide, to be sure they add the new texture for the correct photo to be viewed. In the event that the texture was not applied, Tali's picture will show in the frame.

EWAC (Emails, War Assets & Codex)

v1.0B-E also include new emails, War Assets added, and new Codex entries. This module is the bulk of the new additional lore/content you will see in the those packages that contain them.

Emails - For a friend Shepard, you will see a new take on the original Huerta Note Shepard will receive from Thane, asking for a visit at Huerta Hospital. A friend shepard will also acquire two further emails from Thane. One explaining his disappearance from the hospital, and the other near the end that will have conditional changes based on that friendShepard's current LI (if they have one).

For romancers of Thane, you too will see a new Huerta note, one that reflects their current relationship better. Throughout the game, a Thanemancing Shepard will receive an additional five (5) emails. The bulk of them will change based on choices you made throughout the game. This is to establish a sense of "communication" between Shepard and Thane, as an intimate couple. It also allows for some potentially differing content for users with multiple Shepards, should they make contrasting choices throughout their other play throughs.

EC Ending or MEHEM

v1.0A is set to be used with a modified version of the EC endings. References to a dead Thane are no longer triggered (no disembodied Thane voice during the dream sequence, no name plate on the Memorial Wall, and no "sacrificial" flashback). There are also Epilogue slides of Thane included, that will change based on the EC ending you choose.

v1.0B & C will also not have any reference to a dead Thane. There is also a new LI flashback video, for romancers. Thane will be present at the Memorial Scene for those that romanced him, and will act just as other LI's do, when placing (or not placing) Shepard's plaque on the Memorial Wall. New Epilogue slides are also included for both friend and romanced Shepards.

v1.0D & E again all death markers removed. For romancers, Thane will be present during the Memorial Scene for Anderson, and will give your Shepard a hug at the end. New epilogue slides are included for both friend and romanced Shepards. The "Additional LI" mod from JohnP will also be included for friend Shepards; those users will be able to see their LI of choice at the Memorial Scene, and receive a hug from them.

**With the exception of v1.0A, all the rest of the packages contain the JohnP's "Anderson Dialogue Fix". This extends the dialogue between Shepard an Anderson, after their confrontation with TIM.**

Supplemental Modules

There is an extra module for those that choose it, a Thane inspired Hoodie retexture, designed by Ottemis and LuckyThirteen. This will only works if you own the CE addition of ME3, or you use "Gibb editor" to add the hoodie to your Shepard's available casual clothes. (See my avatar for a look at the hoodie redesign.)

ThaneMOD works with the Citadel Epilogue Mod, by @Deager. We have not currently made any modifications to the Citadel DLC. **Due to the removal of Thane's death, there is NO content currently triggered (or added via the mod at this time) for Thane. You will not get a letter from Kolyat, no memorial service, NO VIDEOS (can not be avoided due to conditionals, and doesn't fit with the new lore), and no "ghost Thane". Everything else in the Citadel DLC plays out as is expected.**

Of Special Note

The Huerta Dialogue for romancers of Thane is in a "rougher" state than we had hoped. The process of "cloning" animation, and "adding" additional dialogue, was not fully achieved before this first release of the ThaneMOD. The state of ME3Explorer tools, thanks to @WarrantyVoider, are getting better all the time. It also takes time to learn what each tools capabilities are, and whether the game will except such changes. So here is what to expect when viewing the romanced version of the Huerta Dialogue between Shepard and Thane:

1) Lipsyncing in some places will be off. There are also a few hand animations that were wonky even in the vanilla version of the game. We were unable to fix them. (we hope to eventually figure out how to change FOV with the in-game camera - not flycam, just to be clear - so that some animation is just simply out of the frame of view.)

2) We added new dialogue for both Shepard and Thane. There were enough available "slots" for Thane's new dialogue, but not for Shepard. Four lines of Shepard's are not "voiced", due to this limitation. The camera will stay on Shepard, and you will see the new lines in text form, but will not "hear" the new audio.

**Keep in mind, that romancers will now get less "available" time with Thane. This is due to the lore established in the emails, to make his survivability plausible. Instead of being available from post Priority: Menae, to the start of Priority: Tuchanka, he will now be gone from Priority: Sur'Kesh, till the Memorial Scene. However, because we have made his second set of dialogue and kiss repeatable; you can interact with him more than previously. Our best advice is to utilize the following game play to get the most out of your time with Thane:

A. Return to the Citadel between missions such as Grissom Academy and "From Ashes", if you have Javik's DLC.

B. Engage in Citadel based quests and Planet Scanning, to break up time between visiting Thane on the Citadel.

Final Thoughts

The ThaneMOD is not an "install and forget" type of mod. Because some aspect of it are mutually exclusive, know that if you wish to play a game where Thane has a different fate, or you wish to play a Shepard with a different LI than Thane (or vice-versa), then you would need to uninstall the current version of ThaneMOD that you have installed. Then you would have the option of installing a different package, or leaving Thane's fate to the original version of the game.

The Installation Guide included with every package of the ThaneMOD is very thorough. The steps for installation are laid out with great care, and include screenshots for you to follow. Because each package comes with a copy of ME3Explorer, which may be quite new to some users, n7Siha has taken extra steps to be as clear and concise as possible with the instructions. I urge each of you to follow the Guide. It will make things easier in the end, and should grant some confidence to those using ME3Explorer for the first time.

The whole team wants to thank you all once again for your considerable patience. In the end, it is about having fun. We hope that that is exactly what you have, while playing ME3 with the ThaneMOD. I will make one more announcement on Friday with links to the nexusmod site (and possibly the moddb site), along with some well deserved "Thank You's" to everyone that has been involved with this project. Happy Gaming, Thane fans! :)


January 20, 2014

Very quick update regarding ThaneMOD on Twitter and tumblr. We have them! lol! For anyone interested in tweeting and reblogging from these sites, we would love the participation. These two sites are also linked on the Official Website and Forum. Thank you all, as always! :)


Drellickers and friends of Thane, lend me your eyes! A group of Thane fans, and some talented modders have come together to create a Thane MOD for Mass Effect 3 (this will also be associated with the MEHEM mod, but will stand on its own). The goal of this mod is fairly simple; keep Thane alive through the end of the Mass Effect Trilogy. The mod will be applicable for anyone regardless of romance status. The prerequisites will be a loyal, alive Thane imported from ME2, and the Hanar Diplomat mission on the Citadel (ME3) will need to be successfully completed with Kahje saved.

This mod will offer players another option to what the vanilla game already presents. The original game has one set path for Thane; death by katana and a ridiculous villian (granted, subjective view, but mine nonetheless.) Or, death off screen should the player choose/forget to visit Thane before Priority: Citadel II. As a friend, you will see another path for Thane, that will leave room for the player to imagine his final fate. The Romance path will be similar, but the content will be a bit more concrete. Even people who took no issue from Thane passing in the game, could still find a use for this mod. Due to how the mod will be designed, I consider it another "role playing choice". If a player has already participated in play through(s) with a Thane that dies, then this may simply be another path they could take on a new play through....for example.

To make things a bit simpler to view, I present a breakdown of the current state of the MOD. We do not have a release date set as of yet, but I will update as more information comes in. Without further ado, here are the facts as of now (read at your own risk regarding spoilers for both vanilla game and MOD details): *All content subject to change while in development*

1) We took a poll of Thane fans to find out what path (keeping to lore) they would like to see Thane's life extension, to take. The three choices were:
                                     A. Hanar Treatment (no specifics as to what the treatment is, so as not  
                                          to step on any one person's headcanon)
                                     B. Lung Transplant (following the LotSB medical dossier on Thane)
                                     C. Epulmous Device ("Medi-gel" for the lungs, mentioned in CDN report)
The end result was a combo of Hanar Treatment and Lung Transplant. We have already finished that section of the emails concerning his treatment.  The treatment has been purposefully left vague (again, so as to avoid peoples personal headcanons), and the lung transplant happens slightly different based on the "Friend" version (FV) of the MOD, or the "Romanced" version (RV). The FV will have him awaiting the additional lung transplant, while the RV will have him mostly recovered from the transplant surgery, by the last email.  Reasons will be explained shortly.

2) Emails.  This will be the bulk of Thane's communication, but we have added a new dynamic to it, thanks in large part to the incredible techies we have working on the project.  Both the RV and FV will have "Conditional" emails.  What this means is when certain emails are sent, different plot flags or conditionals will be checked to determine "which" letter Shepard will receive.  I will offer you two examples:
                   Example 1: In the FV, the last email (which is to be sent and received directly after
                                     Horizon) will check the conditions for the players current LI. If say, the
                                     players LI is Tali, the "final email" to be sent will have LI specific content
                                     mentioned by Thane. This is a simple nod that he recognizes his friend
                                     Shepard's romance status.

                    Example 2: One of the RV emails will be sent after Priority: Tuchanka. We will not
                                     cover conditionals for every possibility, but have set up for a certain
                                     number of them. For example, if you cured the Genophage, Thane
                                     would comment in the email. If you cured the Genophage and Mordin
                                     died, he would also comment on Mordin's passing.
We currently have over 30 different emails set up to trigger based on the Friend path or Romance path, and dependent on in-game mission conditionals. We are already testing these emails by volunteer testers (myself included...everything has been working as intended. Hurrah!)

*UPDATE 10/14/2013* New rewrites to the Huerta note, and one additional email from Thane has been added, and tested. All emails appear to be working correctly, and War Assets are being applied (NOTE: exception is those that have Leviathan installed, but are techie types believe they have figured out how to correct for this. All is looking good.).

3) The Huerta Dialogue.  This was a travesty of writing.  May sound harsh, but knowing his character, and his different arcs from ME2, this was a pitiful attempt at characterization.  To make matters worse, Shepard is not exactly at her finest...LOL. Apethetic might be apropos, when describing Shepards interaction with Thane at Huerta. We have already managed to put together a WIP vid of this scene by re-editing the existing dialogue, and that was a great start. However,we have already learned that we can now go much farther with changing/adding to this dialogue. YAY! It turns out we are able to extract sound files from ME2, ME3, and the Citadel DLC, and use them to replace previously used lines.  This will make the whole scene feel so much more character correct, and will be a better set up for things to come (emails and more).  We are also attempting to correct some poor animation in the scene, and anything that doesn't lip sync well, will be hidden with camera angles.  We are hoping to be sparing with that....we should know how much of this is needed in the next couple weeks or so. *UPDATE* One of our team members has begun doing some dialogue splicing. It sounds great so far!

*UPDATE 10/14/2013* New dialogue has already been implemented, and is currently being tested by QA testers. Not all dialogue changes have been added, but all that have been added are working as intended. Kiss is repeatable, and has new dialogue lines attached to it. Also working as intended by testers.

4) Repeatable Kiss. The "kiss" scene has been a topic of contention among Thanemancers.  Considering the paultry bit of romance related material we received, most hold fast to it.  But, there are those that find it out of character (what with Shep's predatory tone remeniscent of Jacob's romance in ME2, and the "porn" sounds coming from Fem!Sheps voice....ugh. HA!). So this too is getting a tad bit of new dialogue, and the porn noise has been removed.  Even though we have not augmented the new lines for this repeatable scene, we do have a WIP version of that as well, with some line editing and the removal of Shepard's "noise".  Already it is a thousand times better.  Quite excited for the final result. (if I can get the link to the WIP video, I will post it here for others to see.)

*UPDATE 10/14/2013* Latest test has the repeatable kiss, and new dialogue lines attached to it. Also working as intended by testers.

5) Thane and Kolyat have Left the Building! With the new emails in place, we will send the first email indicating that Thane and Kolyat have departed from the Citadel after Priority: Sur'Kesh. This email will explain why he is no longer at the hospital, and what the "general" steps will be for his treatment. Of course, this means that you will not see him on the Citadel after said mission (so get your face time in We have successfully removed his marker from the hospital, and during the Coup, Kirahee (if alive) will fulfill his role as he does on play throughs where Thane isn't available.  If Kirahee isn't alive, the Salarian Councilor dies.  Again, just as it would if both Thane and Kirahee were not available for that play through. Fear not on War Assets though, we have found a way to make Assets available for an "alive" Thane. New conditionals for having an alive Thane removed from the Coup, have been tested successfully by multiple testers. Working as intended.

6) Two Conditions. The mod will only be playable with an import (obviously) of an alive, loyal Thane. The second condition, the player must complete the side quest to get the Hanar/Drell Assets (Hanar Diplomat, note sent by Jondum Bau). This will be made very clear in the installation instructions, and we have altered the original note from Thane (the one directing the player to visit him at Huerta Hospital) to include a hint about the hanar diplomat.  Both Thane's initial note and Bau's email to Shepard will arrive (assuming prerequisites were met), directly after Citadel I. (tested; working)

7) Pretty as a Picture. Another modder found a way to use the Tali photo scene, to work with other Shepards and pictures of their LI.  

*UPDATE 10/14/2013* The new cabin photo has worked in testing. However, we have found a bug with certain hardware setups, and the use of mipmaps. For those of us who have run into this "bug", there is a work around (I have been one of those that has had to use the work around). Our plan is to streamline the different methods for getting the cabin photo in Shepard's cabin, so as to make installation as easy as possible.


8) MEHEM. I am not sure if you are familiar with MEHEM, but it is the Happy Ending Mod.  Mr. Fob, the creator (who is also working with us on this project), found ways to add LI specific content to this new, happier ending.  Some people don't like this ending (they prefer the vanilla ones instead), so our MOD will have a way to use the Thane version of MEHEM or have all BUT the happy ending mod.  The main thing that the MEHEM will add though (keeping our fingers crossed), is that Thane would be able to be present at the Memorial for Anderson on the Normandy.  This is a cutscene, so no dialogue, and limited interaction.  But he will still be there.  For a FV they will see an alternate ending slide featuring Thane and Kolyat.  Worse case scenario (if we are unable to insert him into the Memorial scene) will be a LI specific slide.  Still better than nothing. This will all make sense with the additional content (i.e. emails from Thane), as to how he eventually ends up back on the Normandy.
At this time, our modders are having difficulty getting Thane's likeness onto the Normandy for the Memorial scene. They finally got past the "authorization error" that has plagued them and the MEHEM team, BUT a reskinning of Thane onto an existing character (in this case, we were testing on Traynor) has caused him/her to be "invisible". lol! The techies are still trying some things, but this aspect of the mod is currently up in the air. Should this prove to be undoable, we aim to have a slide for Romanced Thane and one for Friend Thane (which is the only extra MEHEM item we would include for a friend Shepard).

9) Ending tidbits. For both the vanilla ending and the MEHEM the following will be removed/changed.
                      a. No disembodied Thane voice during dream sequence
                      b. No Thane in the "sacrificial flashback".  Sequence replaced with Anderson

We will be adding epilogue slides to the vanilla ending, for both an alive friend Thane play through, and a romanced play through. The team has begun to contact artists as of last week (6/17 - 6/21) who would be good candidates for creating renders in the style of the ME3 EC ending slides.

10) Flirting by James. (sounds like a cheap perfume, don'it? :D ) An add on will be available to remove the auto-flirt between James and Fem!Shepard. This will be entirely optional (as some of the MOD elements will be). This has already been tested, and seems to be working as intended. The general idea, is that Fem!Sheps convos would follow something more akin to Male!Sheps convos with Vega.

*UPDATE 10/14/2013* The auto-flirting changes with James, have been working as intended, in testing. The player can still choose to let James call her Lola, but the extra auto-flirts between F!Shepard and James, have been removed or altered.

11) Green is the new black! There will be two "Thane-themed" outfits for players to install, if they choose. One is a redesign of the tank dress, and the other (which is currently available on the BSN for download) is Thane inspired look for the hoodie/t-shirt combo. The dress is currently a WIP, and is coming along quite nicely.

12) Installation. As indicated in one of my comment posts, we are looking at having an Installer built for ease of MOD installation. We are still trying to court some techies on the ME3Explorer forum, to see if we can have this designed. Since the mod will be a "package" of items (Core and Non-Core MOD elements), an installer would allow for the player to install the core MOD, then pick and choose from other non-essential elements meant to enhance the overall mod experience. *Update* Wavion the creator of the installer for the MEHEM, has given us the link for the open-source installer he worked with. He has also offered to help us "package" the installer, once we are ready to do so.

*UPDATE 10/14/2013* This being further researched, but a GUI interface has been designed, and we have confidence that the installer should work quite well.

13) Pop goes the Cheevo! The technically inclined have found a way to trigger the Paramour Achievement with Thane. We are aiming for the first "kiss" to trigger the achievement. Those that never had the achievement trigger, will now have another means to initiate it.

*UPDATE 10/14/2013* Though we have not finished with the editing that needs to be done to achieve this, we still have confidence we can make it work. As for now though, we have found a NEW way of "locking in" Shepard's romance for Thane. After receiving Thane's Huerta note, going to see him at the hospital, and choosing Private Time, the Paramour Achievement should trigger. The same conditions to trigger the achievement will also be used to implement a few changes in dialogue between Shepard and Kaidan (if alive), Liara, and Samantha Traynor. These are the only three LI's Shepard can start a romance with in ME3. Since there isn't a way to normally lock Thane's romance in, we are using certain conditions to change the "path" of the dialogue with these three. It reacts in the same manner as say a Shepard who romanced Garrus, and reaffirmed that relationship in ME3, therefore locking in the romance.

14) DLC (drell lovin' content??...*smirk*). The core mod and extras will work with the EC (technically an DLC) and it looks like our tech has figured out the correct flags to work with the Citadel DLC (ongoing testing). The only trouble we are having with DLC (minus the additions for the MEHEM...see above) comes from Leviathan (so far). It is a minor issue to do with the new War Assets (WA) that we are adding with this new material. Leviathan changed how the game initiated and received WA, and this does seem to cause a "reapplying" affect to our new Thane MOD assets. Again, not a huge issue, but it will be noted in the READ ME section of the mod. No known conflict with Omega as of yet.

15) Show your ThaneMOD pride! :D n7siha, XenofireX, and myself, have all created signature banners for the ThaneMOD. If you are interested in sporting one around the internet, feel free to grab from this site. We also encourage anyone who is interested in making ThaneMOD signatures, to do so. Have fun! :D
And there you have it!  We have been very fortunate to have some enthusiastic people on board, and everyone has been putting in some great effort.  I will keep you all apprised of anything new, or anything we could use a hand with. :)


  • Listening to: the roar of the crowd
  • Reading: the bumps on my head
  • Watching: my excitement rise
  • Playing: Playing with the ThaneMOD!!
  • Eating: steal-cut oats...gotta eat your fiber!
  • Drinking: COFFEE
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sunsondra Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2014
Hello! Your work is truly awesome! You all are so talented and hard-working! Thane is really lucky to have you on his side.
I wanted to ask you something... have you ever thought about doing something similar for Jacobmancers? I know, that's hell of a work and you're really busy right now, and probably not all members of your team are interested in Jacob, but still... maybe, later... please, think about it! 
(honestly, I'm feeling very awkward to ask you to do such a thing, but I don't see any other really talented team to ask)
BeanieBat Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2014
Yay!!!! Congratulations!!! (Sorry for the delay - I missed the release as I was on holiday!!) I guess I'll need to get ME3 on PC now! =P Thanks to all who made this happen =D
jackelbeaver Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
It sounds interesting.  For scenes that require you to leave shepard silent, why not rework those scenes into a holo message that thane leaves shepard at the spectre terminal?  (Maybe make the final trigger in getting him off the citadel require spectre authorization?)  There's alot you can write arround by using the spectre terminal and using holo messages, rather than awkard use of subtitles with no lip sync.  That also makes iffy animations not matter as much, because it's a recording.

I'm really interested in what else ME3 Explorer can do.  It'd be awesome to be able to add multiplayer only enemies to the main game, such as the dragoon to omega dlc, or geth bomber to rannoch.  Adding additional bits to Priority Earth involving deleted content (voice clips of james and such that were uncovered) and armax arena squadmates would be incredible.  Putting (some) of the me2 characters in the hammer base, instead of on communications (where appropriate.  Jack wouldn't work because she references being in a different location.  Kasumi and Mordin are with Shield in space) But I'd love to get into this kind of modding to do that stuff.
Angua33 Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2014
coldwetn0se Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2014
Heart Nod 
mnomaha Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2014
Awwwww Love you chica!!! I may be a tiny part of the work but I'm proud of it. You guys are amazing and I thank all of you for your hard work.
coldwetn0se Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2014
*kiss* :)
n7petiole Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2014
Very lovely final post, Coldi <3

We are so excited to share this mod with everyone! We really hope you are as pleased with it as we are :)
AndromedaShepard Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm really happy it's finally ready to play. Thank you so much for your kind words, I hope I can start a new playthrough soon... I believe your work will be much appreciated from everyone. It's been really a pleasure be able to do something for you. Good job! :)
coldwetn0se Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2014
Thank you for your contributions, Andromeda! I suspect others will soon appreciate your additions as well. :)
Luna-Fantasma Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I really hope that the ThaneMOD should release 1/31/2014.  :D :D :D :eager: :eager: I CANT WAIT for it. I played ME3 as male Shep but now I finished ME2 as female and wanna start ME3 being female Shepard…  Erika Shepard Mass Effect 2 by Luna Fantasma by Luna-Fantasma  I will LOVE if Thane has more options to play. I have been recently reading many things about ThaneMOD and I am very anxious. PLEASE I HOPE THIS PROJECT GO ON!
coldwetn0se Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2014
We hope to hit that target date too! We are all very excited. I will post again this week listing all the highlights that will be included in v1.0. BTW, you have a lovely Shepard. :)
Luna-Fantasma Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you dear, I am glad you answered :hug: I have started playing ME3 with fem Shep, I am reading this…   but I need to know more details. Is it going to be released as a DLC? Will it be free or not? I dont know if I need to stop playing now that I just reached the Citadel for first time or I just wait for the DLC to be released and then go on gaming. I havent seen Thane yet u.u
coldwetn0se Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2014

Hi Luna! This is an extensive mod for use with Mass Effect 3, and not a DLC. :) All mods are free. This is only available for the PC, since modding capabilities for Xbox and/or PS3 are limited to nonexistent, unfortunately. (though we do plan to do something special, eventually, for the console players. It will be available through the Official ThaneMOD Website).

If you are playing a Shepard who is romancing Thane (an import from ME2), then I would suggest that you hold off playing any further, before installing this mod. For a player who romances Thane, some of the mod's features will trigger as earlier as after Priority: Mars. We are strongly suggesting that players wishing to use this mod, install and start with a brand new play through. That way, they don't miss any of the new aspects and content. ;)

Feel free to signup over at the ThaneMOD forum (it is linked in the Update section of the journal entry). If you have any further questions or concerns once you download the ThaneMOD package of your choice, there will be multiple people to help you out (including myself :) ). Thank you for your continued interest, and Happy Gaming! :D

Luna-Fantasma Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I signed up and I am still reading lots of things about the mod. It's a bit difficult to me to understand it deeply even though I speak English well enough and I am an expert on Windows and programs @.@ I appreciate you took your time and explained me the main facts. I went to Mars and then I saved when first arrived to the Citadel. I think I'll play from there on AFTER I read the install guide well ^^; ^^; ^^; ^^; OMG I hope it'll work.
elizabeth66 Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2013
I'm a little late with the comment.:) I've spent the little time I had to create an account on that awesome new forum regarding ThaneMOD. I read that I miust be assigned to a group to have acces to the forum or something. I didn't get assigned automatically, so I sent a request to join the only group I found: Testers. I've seen there are people who can join the group just as regular members. I hope I will be accepted too.:) Not sure who monitors the website. Just noticed you are part of the group already. ;)

But what's important now, is that this journal update really made my day. Thanks.:) Hug

I can't tell you how much I look forward to this mod. Thanks thanks thanks a lot to all the people working on the ThaneMOD. 
coldwetn0se Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2013

I assigned you a new status (all registrants have a 24hr New Membership period....this is to help weed out spammers). The info can be found in the automated message you should have received after signing up. Let me know if you didn't receive the message. ;)


The Site Admin and I are currently managing the forum by ourselves. This week is also Thanksgiving, here in the U.S., so we might not be around quite as much this week. (Also, my 20 wedding anniversary is on Wednesday :D ). However, you should be added to the general Forum, by tomorrow morning (Pacific Time).


BTW, I sent you a note through the new forum. Feel free to PM me there, if you would like.


Thanks all, for the encouragement and patience. :)

Zevranfangirl Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2013
Thanks for the update,now I have a good day!Heart Love 
stwu Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2013
Thanks for the update and a huge thanks to all the people working to Keep Thane Alive. 
coldwetn0se Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2013
Thanks all for excitement, you lovely Thane fans! It's good to see others getting giddy about this MOD, as much as those that have been working on it. <3
Sparky28 Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2013  Hobbyist
Great! I'll post the good news on the french forums right now! I should say they're very enthusiastic and impressed about all this :)
stwu Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2013
OMG! You guys are the best! Thank you so much for working so hard to give Thane the chance to shine once again. I hope everything goes smoothly and that it will be done soon. I wish I could help but I have no skills! :(
Please keep us updated and thank you once again!
coldwetn0se Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2013

I think I remember you from the old BSN thread (at least I think it was you....forgive me if I remember incorrectly. heh! ). ;) The team thanks you for the kind words.


I am planning on a new update regarding the MOD, come Monday or Tuesday. This will coincide with latest Test Build we are releasing for the testing QA team. We are getting closer to finishing off all the MOD changes, that we have scheduled for v.1.0 of the ThaneMOD. Thank you for your continued excitement and support of this project. :D

elizabeth66 Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2013
It's so great. All this is coming out so nicely, and I feel so useless Waaaah!  not being able to help with anything. But I'm glad there are people who are able to help with this, which is a relief. 

Also, it's great to read your updates and learn that this is going well. I look forward to the final result. :happybounce: 
n7petiole Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2013
Actually, we could really use some additional testers.

Players would need to be willing to use ME3Explorer and our modified version of the Gibbed Save Editor for certain things. We also would need feedback on how the test goes, if things are working, not working, reporting back if potential fixes work, etc. It's also helpful if the player has friend and romanced Sheps available and a good selection of saves to load to check on various aspects of the mod. Lastly, it would be very nice if anyone who volunteers would commit to testing for
the remainder of the mod -- or at the very least until we have version 1.0 out and we're sure any major bugs are worked out. We started out with about a dozen testers and throughout the summer the numbers have dwindled and we're down to 3. Ick.

If anyone is interested, sent Coldi or myself a note, we'll chat to you a bit and see if we think you'd be a good candidate for testing :]
AndromedaShepard Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm not going to have another ME3 playthrough without this mod <3 
n7petiole Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2013
Us neither! :]
Fatemaraak Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2013
The only thing that bothers me is Kirrahe... other than that, awesome!
sakuraa93 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2013
OH MY GOD!!!!!! This is totally amazing :'3
Abikara Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Oh my god YES!!!!!! This has cheered me up sooo much! I will DEFINATELY get this mod when it is available, I just have a question with regards to the Citadel DLC I know that there won't be any memorial or vids so does that mean that Thane will be there throughout the DLC?

Also I just want to say a huge thank you to you and everyone working on this mod you will make a hell of a lot of people happy (me especially!) :D
coldwetn0se Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2013
The ThaneMOD team thanks you for your excitement (we are right there with you, on your excitement. :D ) As for the Citadel DLC, this mod simply keeps all death related content from triggering. That means no Memorial, videos, or "ghost Thane" will be shown in that DLC. Unfortunately, ME3 and it's available DLC, are very tricky to MOD. Because of this, Thane will not show up in the Citadel DLC. We are looking at the possibility of adding a few things to said DLC at a later point, but we are concentrating primarily on the main game at this time. Will update when new information is available. :)
SayeedaSiha Featured By Owner May 30, 2013  Hobbyist guys are amazing! I hope this works!
AndromedaShepard Featured By Owner May 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I really can't wait. Many thanks guys!
sylent-artwork Featured By Owner May 25, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
OH MY GOD!!! you guys are totally awesome, thane is my favorite character in the entire games!!! see him dying broke my heart, this mod!! I want it :3!!
n7petiole Featured By Owner May 20, 2013
Hi everyone!

Quick introduction...

Some of you might remember my handle from the Cosmic Love blog/ME3 Romance DLC Initiative, and I'm also the coordinator for ThaneMod.

I just wanted to pop in and say 'thanks'. It's so nice to see so much enthusiasm and appreciation for ThaneMod. We're working very hard to make it the best mod we can, with the tools that are currently available. It won't be perfect, but it'll be an alternative for a much happier ending than what BW gave us.

We can't wait for release!

Thanks, everyone :]
Chamenos Featured By Owner May 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I THINK YES! :hooray:
Ok need to calm down before I break something :happybounce:
Kirasdream Featured By Owner May 16, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is AMAZING. It sounds like you guys are working very hard to pull this off, and the content sounds great! I can't wait to experience this (and have some headcannon become a reality!! to speak).
Ktr-Liane07 Featured By Owner May 15, 2013
Awesome job guy, can't wait to see it :D

One question, to what point will we be able to choose what to install? I mean, if I don't mind the current story with Thane dying and all but I want the new Huerta dialogue and the repeatable kiss could I install only that?
coldwetn0se Featured By Owner May 15, 2013
Yes. The Huerta dialogue and repeatable kiss will be separate from the core MOD.
Ktr-Liane07 Featured By Owner May 15, 2013
Perfect! :love: That and the picture in Shepard's cabin would be enough to make me really happy but the other stuff sounds so cool too that I may end up installing everything XD
myks0 Featured By Owner May 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
you have my bow help, if any is needed.
sasukelover2 Featured By Owner May 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
ohmahgerd! Though, a question: what about thane's vids to shep in the citadel dlc? and his funeral and such
coldwetn0se Featured By Owner May 15, 2013
I will add an update here shortly to the Journal Entry, to elaborate further. But, simply put, if you use the mod, those scenes won't trigger in said DLC. The flags indicating a Thane who died in ME3 will not be present, hence no Memorial or vids. ;)
sasukelover2 Featured By Owner May 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
alright awesome! you guys are fantastic!
mnomaha Featured By Owner May 15, 2013
coldwetn0se Featured By Owner May 15, 2013
Roxy80 Featured By Owner May 14, 2013

I'm so happy and excited, can't wait for this to come out, thank you to all who are working on this! :heart:
Massshaloeffect Featured By Owner May 14, 2013
I play Xbox but I'd support this in any way I can for those PC players!
RainyLittleGhost Featured By Owner May 14, 2013
Will this mod work for ALL platforms? I'm a PS3 user, but also a die-hard Thanemancer and I hated the way Thane was treated.
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